About InvestaMatch


All too often finding finance is a barrier to business growth.

Sometimes this is simply because business owners don't have the right connections
within the finance or investment community. Likewise, there are many would be
investors who are outside the 'loop'.

InvestaMatch offers a secure online directory for businesses to list their
opportunities, and for members to browse and connect with them directly.

There is no transacting on InvestaMatch, our mission is to simply setup an online
community of individuals looking to expand their business network through new
opportunities and connections.


Why InvestaMatch?


Resources are not just money, labour, plant and machinery. Resources are knowledge, relationships and the lessons learned from mistakes made.

Private funding for businesses has been the exclusive realm of the well-connected. But what about the solid business that’s ticked away on their own and is now looking to expand, develop or launch a new product?

They may not be the next big new and exciting startup, but there’s plenty of opportunity, especially if they can join up with well connected people. Business is all about relationships, and we hope to be the catalyst of millions of great relationships around the world.


Who is InvestaMatch for?


InvestaMatch is for any business looking to fund growth. We have a particular emphasis on SMEs (small to medium enterprises), as we believe this is an area of the market that has been overlooked and would benefit most from new connections.

On the flip side of this we are also providing a platform for people looking for business opportunities in which to invest their time, connections or capital. Be they retired business owners, aspiring entrepreneurs, active investors or professionals.


Who's behind InvestaMatch?

InvestaMatch’s CEO Tim Oliver, has 15 years of experience within the financial services and insurance industries both in New Zealand and Australia. For the last five years prior to joining InvestaMatch, he has run his own financial advisory business.

Having been on both sides of the investor and business owner fence, Tim instantly recognised the powerful simplicity of the InvestaMatch concept.