Joining InvestaMatch is like joining a new network. You have business advisors and investors all bidding for matches for their clients, or new business partnerships to get involved with. We have trusted business professionals using our platform, so you know your listings are put in front of the right people.

Because an investor match is about more than money.

Deliver greater client value

InvestaMatch allows you to expand your services to clients in an easy and scalable manner. Not only can you provide advice around seeking finance or investment – you can connect clients with the right people and seamlessly manage the process.

Within a few clicks you can set up a business listing on InvestaMatch. Your clients will benefit from having an ‘advisor listing’ status featuring your name and contact details. ‘Advisor’ status helps their listing to stand out from the crowd, encouraging a greater rate of enquiry from InvestaMatch’s members.

Generate leads

Your name and/or logo will appear on every client listing, making yourself or your brand highly visible and repetitious for active members. An advisor logo attached to opportunity listing adds an extra level of credibility – associating your brand with the values of trust and quality.

Within the advisor directory you will receive your own advisor listing, a page designed to promote your services, and the opportunity to feature content on InvestaMatch’s website and email newsletters – providing you with measurable direct enquiry.

Your own branded portal

As an advisor on InvestaMatch, you will be set up with your own portal where you can centrally manage your client listings. Your portal will allow you to create listings on behalf of yourself, or as an advisor for your clients. This allows you to send proofs of listings to be approved by your clients, and visibility and management of all listings in one central location. As an advisor you can view:

  • All current opportunity listings
  • All advisor-only opportunity listings
  • All current investor listings
  • Member enquires
  • Ability to add clients
  • Listing performance – through top-line reporting of views

Advisor only listings access

As you are a professional business advisor, you will have access to view other ‘advisor only listings’. This is a private view of hidden listings on the InvestaMatch platform, that can only be seen by other advisors as part of the InvestaMatch network. This allows clients that are not comfortable with their opportunities being viewed by the ‘public’ (non advisors), to be restricted to advisors only. This is a simple clickable option when creating your listing.