23 May 2018

InvestaMatch Spotlight - Urbn Vino


Urbn Vino is no stranger to the Dunedin market, as Cromwell winemaker Brendan Seal brought Urbn Vino to Dunedin in the midst of 2016. His initial concept was to bring his winemaking expertise to Dunedin in the form of a pop-up winemaking site at the former Gresham Hotel site by Queens Gardens. This was only a temporary pop up site as Brendan wanted to test the Dunedin market before any permanent business was solidified.

Brendon has now arranged a lease in the historic Vogel St warehouse precinct. The winery will initially produce small volumes of Pinot Noir and offer retail and trade sales, tastings, tours and functions. Expanding to full production and a 7 day operation by 2019. Urbn Vino could attract cruise ship passengers and other tourists, bringing more Central Otago winemaking to Dunedin.

Urban wineries have proved to be successful overseas and this is an opportunity to work with an experienced winemaker to replicate the success using internationally regarded wines. With more cruise ships stopping in Dunedin, the potential to snowball tourism with an urban winery could be easy. With the seasonal influx of Winter and summer tourists, there will always be a flow of tourists coming through the winery, and with the potential to grow sales, the production of wine could be ramped up to accommodate.

Brendan is looking for potential investment in return for equity in his business. Urbn Vino needs monetary funds in the form of cash or assets to grow the business in the future.

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