About InvestaMatch

InvestaMatch has been described as the Tinder of investing. Just like the online dating tool, InvestaMatch matches people. It is a novel approach for business owners to connect with the right investors, whether that is investing money, time, knowledge, skills, connections or relationships in a business.

InvestaMatch is not a transactional platform and in no way do we broker deals or even have any knowledge whether an opportunity listing has been successful. We’re a membership database – its up to our members to make contact with each other and to then do their due diligence and negotiations off line.

InvestaMatch has tested the concept and following feedback we have developed an adviser module, enhanced filters, sign up and listing processes and revised the pricing which have now been implemented.

The plan is to establish InvestaMatch in New Zealand and then expand to Australia, United Kingdom and hopefully USA, offering the widest range of business investment opportunities in Australasia.

Business opportunities are everywhere and we want to be a place where people can find them.

Meet the Team

InvestaMatch has a small, dedicated team that wants to see all business opportunities listed on our platform succeed. We want to see successful connections made from expanding business networks through to a completed business transaction.

Clare Perry
Operations Manager

Clare is a director and shareholder of InvestaMatch and has recently joined the team as Operations Manager. She has over 30 years’ experience in public services, which involved a variety of rolls within the Ministry of Social Development. Clare values the people around her and works hard to get the best out of those she works with.

Isak Gunnarsson

Isak Gunnarsson graduated from Otago University in 2018 with an E-Commerce and Marketing Degree and is the newest edition to the InvestaMatch team. When he is not with InvestaMatch, he likes to spend his time helping his family-run business as a bar manager.

Murray Cannon

Murray has a solid history of business ownership and directorship, and more recently farm machinery sales. Murray is a director and shareholder of InvestaMatch and is excited to bring the concept to the market. Murray is centrally located in Timaru and is available to meet with you to discuss how InvestaMatch can add value to your business and your clients.

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