Frequently asked questions

What is InvestaMatch?

InvestaMatch is a subscription based membership and business opportunity listing platform. We aim to connect people passionate about their business, with people as equally excited to help them – be that through time, money or a combination.


Who is InvestaMatch’s target audience?

InvestaMatch is for any business looking to fund growth. We have a particular emphasis on SMEs (small to medium enterprises), as we believe this is an area of the market that has been overlooked and would benefit most from new connections.

We are also providing a platform for people looking for opportunities to invest their time, connections or capital. Be they retired business owners, burgeoning entrepreneurs, active investors or professionals.


Why is there a need for InvestaMatch?

Private funding for businesses has been the exclusive realm of the well-connected, start-ups, professional advisers and experienced investors.

What about the solid business that’s ticked away on their own and is now looking to expand, develop or launch a new product – they may not be the next big new and exciting startup, but there’s plenty of opportunity, especially if they can join up with ‘smart money’.


What do you mean by ‘Smart Money’?

Smart money means value that funding partners can add besides just money, such as introductions to prospects and business advice born from relevant experience.


What kind of returns will I get on InvestaMatch

InvestaMatch has no knowledge of whether a transaction has been negotiated or successful. We simply connect people together, and they take it offline from there.

Sometimes our members will get in touch with us afterwards to tell us about their experience and we welcome these stories.


What kind of opportunities are on InvestaMatch?

The breadth of InvestaMatch’s opportunities will be unrivalled! We seek to provide a platform for opportunities across all stages and sectors looking to launch, expand, grow or exit be that through:

-       Investment

-       Lending

-       Acquisition

-       Partnership

Why not just get bank finance?

Bank funding can be a great option for businesses seeking funding to support the status quo. However, when a business is looking to fund growth, often the most value comes from funding partners that can also provide knowledge and connections (‘smart money’).


Can I get finance for my house or car?

No. InvestaMatch is for businesses only. It is at InvestaMatch’s sole discretion whether a listing meets our requirements.


How are you different to crowd funding platforms?

Firstly, crowd funding platforms are transactional based and usually charge a commission style fee based on the amount of funds raised or financed. InvestaMatch does not facilitate fund raising or transactions, therefore we have no ability to charge commission.

Secondly, crowd funding platforms rely upon the opportunity lister bringing their own ‘crowd’. At InvestaMatch we want to build a community that is ready and waiting for the right opportunity. We hope to expand networks and make new connections for both investor and opportunity members.


How do you make money?

We make money by charging listing fees for businesses looking for new partners, and by charging a monthly fee to members wishing to browse and connect with business opportunities.


Can anyone join InvestaMatch?

Yes, anyone that pays the monthly subscription fee can join InvestaMatch. However, all business listings must meet our requirements for approval, which are based on ensuring content is not offensive or illegal in any way.


What quality assurances are in place?

InvestaMatch does no due diligence on opportunities listed on our platform, or on our active members. We recommend that all members carry out their own due diligence and seek independent professional advice.


Who’s behind InvestaMatch?

InvestaMatch is a private company, founded by a group of shareholders passionate about making business easier. Tim Oliver, CEO, has over 15 years of experience in the finance industry.


Who has access to my data?

Your data is stored on a secure AWS server and is not available to any third parties. If at any time you wish to remove your data from our database, you can do so.


Are the advisers on the platform endorsed/preferred?

No. InvestaMatch’s adviser’s pay a fee in return for promotion of their services and provision of an adviser account to manage multiple listings.


Can InvestaMatch help with my listing?

No, InvestaMatch does not help with the writing of your listing. However, we can help you at any stage during the creation phase of your opportunity if you are unsure of various fields, or are unsure what you should add to your listing.


What is a member account?

Anyone can register as a member of our portal for NZ$20 per month. All members get full access to view and make contact with current opportunities.


What is an opportunity?

An opportunity is a listing on InvestaMatch’s portal that members can view. For NZ$300 businesses can build their opportunity listing, which is capable of including text, imagery, video and pdf downloads.