Investment & mentoring opportunities

InvestaMatch brings together those seeking business opportunities and those offering them in a simple, easy online directory.

For instance are you:

  1. An entrepreneur looking for new startups needing investment?
  2. An active investor with available capital for businesses wanting to expand or buy equipment?
  3. Someone with plant, machinery or business premises for sale or lease?
  4. Looking for a business partnership?
  5. A retired business owner keen to mentor the next generation?

Because an investor match is about more than money!

Why list on InvestaMatch?

We aim to connect people passionate about their business, with people as equally excited to help them – resources are not just money, labour, plant and machinery. Resources are knowledge, relationships and the lessons learned from mistakes made.

  • Spot the best investment and other opportunities early
  • Detail your investment preferences. E.g industry, funding level
  • Advertise opportunities intra-company or to private groups
  • Remain anonymous if you choose
  • Have notifications of opportunities sent direct to your email
  • Use on-site features that make your listing stand out
  • Watch video tutorials to learn your way around the site

Investor Features


Everything about the opportunities you’re following in one place

Track Views

See the number of views your listing has


Browse and connect with people listing opportunities


Choose how you receive messages about new listings


Display your business logo and photos for added impact

Share info

All the space needed for full details of your business skills

Are you an investor? List your profile today.

Create your profile using our step by step listing template and choose to make it public or remain private, but still have the opportunity to generate connections

Because an investor match is about more than money!