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One of the best features of InvestaMatch is our instant and private messaging between members and yourselves. Easily keep track of, and manage, enquiries in your portal.


InvestaMatch doesn’t validate or monitor any of the listings, activity or credentials of members. Users are responsible for the authenticity and accuracy of their own information. InvestaMatch does however review content for offensive or illegal behaviour – such as pornography, weapons, drugs or other such natured material. We strongly recommend that, just like any business or investment decision, you conduct due diligence and use a trusted advisor such as a lawyer and/or accountant.


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We have a handy ‘Views’ tally for every listing – which lets you know how well your listing is performing.

Once your listing is live, you can still make edits to it, watch how a few tweaks to your headline and categories could get those views tallying up quicker.


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