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InvestaMatch is a secure, online directory for individuals and businesses to list investment opportunities that members can browse and reach out, directly. Members can expand their business ventures by building meaningful, long-term relationships.

No commission or success fees!

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About InvestaMatch

We believe individuals and businesses should be able to develop while maintaining their service standards. It can be difficult to secure funding. InvestaMatch streamlines the search for such opportunities with a shared online space.

  • Persue

    Businesses and people evolve and bring new opportunities, which are continually being listed.

  • Advise

    We actively communicate with Advisors to ensure we cater for and get more professionals using our product.

  • Generate

    New business conversations are created through Opportunity, Investor, and Advisor listings.

  • Promote

    A variety of professionals can help businesses acquire investment.

How It Works
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An individual who wants to connect with others to develop their business, or find service.

A Member can browse and add opportunity and investor listings, and service offers, publicly or anonymously with limited access


An individual who wants to share their knowledge, time, or money with others to nurture businesses.

An Investor can browse and add opportunity and investor listings, and is able to carry out the same functions as a Member.


A professional or business that wants to share their skill or knowledge with others to guide businesses.

An Advisor can browse and add advisor listings on behalf of clients, publicly or to an advisor only network.

Central Dashboard

Any activity related to your listings is shown in a central, accessible location.

Track Views

See the number of views for each of your listings.

Seamless Connecting

Browse and reach out to investors, advisors, or businesses.

Get Notifications

Choose how to receive messages about your listings.

Custom Branding

Add your logo, photos, and videos to highlight your brand.

Simple Layout

Easy-to-follow layout with ample space to add any information.

Own Your Platform With Enterprise

With Enterprise, we offer to build your own branded platform to reach your audiences:

1. Internally within your business

2. Externally to closed or multi-branch networks

3. Directly with individual advisor businesses

4. Publicly

  • Private, Secure Portal

    Own a personalised, secure account that cannot be accessed by others.

  • Full Custom Branding

    Tailor the branding of your platform for a seamless and familiar experience.

  • Connect Externally

    Reach other closed networks or external multi-branch businesses.

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Plans & Pricing

Sign up as a Member for free. If you want to change your existing plan, contact [email protected]


1 user

  • Browse opportunity and investor listings
  • Browse service listings
  • Customise preferences
  • Create opportunity 1 and investor 2 listings
  • * Some costs apply
  • 1 Opportunity $200/listing
  • 2 Investor $20/listing/mo

1 user (in a business)

Member Plan
  • Create advisor listing
  • Access advisor only network
  • Add and manage clients in your business

2+ users (in a reg. business)

Professional Plan
  • Create service listings 1
  • Add and manage staff in your business
  • * Some costs apply
  • 1 Service $10/listing/mo

No commission or success fees!

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