InvestaMatch is all about finding a match. By finding matches you could find new business partners with invaluable knowledge to help grow your business or purchase new equipment or land through financing to expand your business operation.

Because an investor match is about more than money.

What is InvestaMatch?

InvestaMatch is a membership and business opportunity listing platform. We aim to connect people passionate about their business, with people as equally excited to help them – be that through time, money or a combination.

Why InvestaMatch?

Resources are not just money, labour, plant and machinery. Resources are knowledge, relationships and the lessons learned from mistakes made.

Private funding for businesses has been the exclusive realm of the well-connected. But what about the solid business that’s ticked away on their own and is now looking to expand, develop or launch a new product?

They may not be the next big new and exciting start-up, but there’s plenty of opportunity, especially if they can join up with well-connected people. Business is all about relationships, and we hope to be the catalyst of thousands of great relationships around the world.

Who's behind InvestaMatch?

InvestaMatch has a small, dedicated team that wants to see all business opportunities on our platform succeed. We want to see success through selling, buying or raising capital, and we want a successful story and a completed business transaction.

Tim Oliver - Head of Sales

Tim has 15 years of experience within the financial services and insurance industries both in New Zealand and Australia. Based in Dunedin, Tim is the local face that the financial services sector is familiar with. For the last five years prior to joining InvestaMatch, he has run his own financial advisory business. Having been on both sides of the investor and business owner fence, Tim instantly recognised the powerful simplicity of the InvestaMatch concept.

Clare Perry - Operations Manger / Director

Clare has recently come on board as the Operations Manager for InvestaMatch having previously been involved as a Director and Shareholder in the Company. Her previous life was as in the Public Service with over 30 years of service doing a variety of rolls within the Ministry of Social Development. Clare values the people around her and works hard to get the best out of the people she works with.

Nathan Frisby - Marketing / Support

Nathan was previously a university student at the University of Otago, where he has been a growing marketing coordinator for over two years. He has worked with various companies across New Zealand, helping them with their day to day marketing problems, implementing strategy, and is now a part of the InvestaMatch team.