We connect investors with opportunities

InvestaMatch offers a secure online directory for businesses to list their opportunities and for members to browse and connect with them directly. There is no transacting on InvestaMatch, our mission is to simply setup an online community of individuals looking to expand their business network through new opportunities and connections.

Because an investor match is about more than money!

It is currently FREE to sign up and list on InvestaMatch.

Gain the connection you need to thrive

No longer is private funding for businesses the exclusive realm of the well connected. Businesses looking to expand, develop or launch a new product can now use InvestaMatch to connect with private investors looking for places to invest.

  • Opportunity and Investor Listings

    Our simple listing templates provide a step by step process for creating your opportunity or investor listing

  • Advisor Listing

    Create an Advisor Listing to place and monitor listings on behalf of clients to an advisor only network or on the public site

  • Members

    Individual members can browse and create a public listing or remain anonymous with limited access

Grow your business

The small to medium business owner has long found it difficult to secure funding that doesn't cripple their ability to expand while maintaining current service levels, and this is one market InvestaMatch believes deserves help.

  • Advise

    InvestaMatch is actively communicating with advisors to get more professionals using our platform

  • Generate

    Opportunity, Investor and Advisor listings on InvestaMatch to generate new business conversations

  • Promote

    A variety of providers on InvestaMatch who can help with different aspects of readying a business for investment

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Because an investor match is about more than money!