New business opportunities available here!

InvestaMatch brings together those seeking business opportunities and those offering them in a simple, easy online directory.

For instance are you:

  • An advisor who assists buyers and sellers with legal, accounting or insurance issues?
  • An accountant with clients looking for suitable business or investment opportunities?
  • Wanting to securely share business opportunities in-house?
  • A retired business owner keen to mentor the next generation?
  • A marketing, production, IT or other specialist available to work with new businesses or entrepreneurs?

Because an investor match is about more than money!

Why list on InvestaMatch?

Professional advice is an essential element in any business transaction. InvestaMatch allows you to expand your services to clients. Not only can you provide advice around seeking finance or investment – you can connect clients with the right people and seamlessly manage the process.

  • Promote your business or skills to an interested audience
  • Connect with like-minded business professionals
  • Advertise opportunities intra-company or to private groups
  • Instantly receive notifications of opportunities via email
  • Use on-site features to make your profile stand out
  • Watch video tutorials to learn your way around the site

Advisor Features


Everything about the opportunities you’re following in one place

Track Views

See the number of views your listing has


Browse and connect with people listing opportunities


Choose how you receive messages about new listings


Display your business logo, videos and photos for added impact

Share info

All the space needed for full details of your business skills

Are you an Advisor? List your profile today.

Create an Advisor Listing to place and monitor listings on behalf of your clients to an advisor only network or to the public site.

Because an investor match is about more than money!